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While some companies can promise you the world when it comes to carpet cleaning; the fact remains not all stains can be guaranteed to be removed. This is because there are too many variables involved in making a qualified or honorable guarantee.We use state-of-the-art equipment and certify each of our cleaning tech’s to remove those stubborn stains, but we can never guarantee full stain removal.

You can rest assured if the stain has even a small chance of being removed, Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners has the techniques to do it. For immediate treatment some people can attempt to treat the stain — we urge you to call the Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners’ Stain Removal Hotline at 419.478.0581 and we will give you information over the phone on the correct way using common household stain cleaning materials.

This can start the removal process prior to the time we can be there to finalize the job. Many times the stain can be removed without our assistance. In addition, with all calls to our Stain Removal Hotline there is no carpet stain removal cost unless we are called to the job site.

Stain Removal

Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners is your solution for a variety of stain removal needs including: general stain removal, yellowing, acne medication stains and residential cleaning.

Stain Removal: Carpet and Rug Yellowing

This is a common problem and there can be several different reasons for yellowing. Two main examples are asphalt and animal urine.

A common cause of yellowing in the carpet near a doorway is caused by tracking inside bits of asphalt from an asphalt driveway via foot traffic. Yellowing will occur over time and not be noticeable until it builds up to such a level that it can be seen. Over time we have learned that some carpets are just more prone to this problem than others. The condition can be treated and sometimes removed in its entirety.

One other possible cause is animal urine. Animals have a tendency to return to one spot to do their job and that causes an increasing problem, with odor as well as staining. The stains can sometimes be removed and the carpet cleaned. However, the odor can remain in your home . The odor remaining is usually caused by urine soaking through the carpet and into the backing of the pad and in time into the sub-floor. The only way to fix this problem is to remove the carpet and replace the pad and at times the sub-floor. Sometimes the pad can be treated and cleaned, but usually it is better to replace the pad. Concrete under the carpet can be a similar problem. Urine can soak into the pores of the concrete and the only solution is to seal the surface of the concrete to seal in the odor. Unless treated the odor will become particularly noticeable in your home during warm humid conditions.

In the case of loose rugs, they can be cleaned in our plant by using our automated cleaning machine. Though the rug is clean, sometimes a stain will remain due to the urine acid content bleaching out the color in the carpet fiber.

Acne Medication
We have found many cases where bits of the acne medication has been dropped on the carpet in a home leaving a spot or stain causing permanent damage. Sometimes these stains will not be noticeable until the carpet is cleaned and the medication activated by the cleaning solution. The chemicals in these medications may cause the colors to be bleached out of the carpet fibers, sometimes made worse when we attempt to clean the carpet stain. The carpet can sometimes be repaired by cutting out a plug and replacing it with new carpet from a saved remnant or from a closet. This requires professional assistance to make these repairs.
Residential Cleaning

Entire rooms, or just pathways can be cleaned and in fact sometimes only spot stain cleaning is necessary. Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners endeavors to do only what is necessary and what the customer wants done. We price by the square foot and feel this is the fairest way to benefit our customers. A firm quote is provided to the customer prior to the start of the job so that there are no hidden surprises when completed.

Leather furniture can be cleaned successfully in both the home and in our shop. We do provide pick up and delivery service for rugs and furniture that you would like cleaned however there is an additional cost for this service. Please give us a call today at 419-478-0581 and our friendly staff will help you with free advice to clean your carpets or we can arrange for a free, firm estimate for our professional carpet cleaning services.

Cleaning Methods

Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners employs a variety of cleaning methods for your stain removal and conforms to all Environmnetal Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations.

Steam Cleaning

The term steam is used but is not really steam because steam is created at 212 degrees and at those temperatures steam would be much too hot for the carpet fiber. The water we use is heated to about 180 degrees at the machine and is about 150 degrees when it reaches the carpet. This is mixed with cleaning materials at the machine. All cleaning materials are EPA acceptable for disposal in a sanitary sewer. All dirty water extracted from your carpet or furniture is required to be disposed in a sanitary sewer in accordance with EPA Regulations.

That is the reason we carry all extracted water back to our facility for disposal in our sewer systems as required by law. Consider all the lawn chemicals carried in on your shoes and deposited on your carpet. This plus other materials on shoes from the driveway, road salts and other melting mediums are deposited in the carpet. For these reasons alone it only makes sense to clean your carpet more often, particularly when small children spend so much time on your floors.

Water to Clean Rugs
Many customers question using water to clean oriental rugs. In fact, using water to clean rugs is done everyday around the world and with good results. In the area of the world where these rugs are manufactured the rugs are taken down to a river or other body of water and scrubbed against rocks. This is a common way of cleaning in most parts of the world that do not have equipment or the modern technology that is available in this country. (Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners has invested its name into the only M.O.R. machine in this area and can do the best job of cleaning area rugs available.)
Upholstery Fabrics
Many upholstery fabrics have tags attached that specify “Dry Clean Only.” The vast majority of fabrics can be and are professionally cleaned using the wet method or water. Some fabrics can only be dry cleaned, though they are very few. Some colors will run or otherwise be damaged if cleaned using the wet method. Stoll Rug and Furniture Cleaners always tests the fabric if in doubt and will not attempt to clean the fabric if it will not withstand our methods. Red is the worst color to run with blue running a close second; we are aware of these issues and take great precautions to avoid ruining any carpets or rugs.

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