How to Remove Paint from Carpet

Water-based paints are great for arts and crafts. Known for the washability, water-based paints can still create stains when they are not cleaned up quickly or properly. If you have spilled paint here’s a guide on how to remove paint from carpet. If it’s an oil based paint DON’T USE THIS GUIDE. Instead, check out how to remove oil based paint.

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

Although easier to clean than most paints, water-based paints can still be difficult to clean up entirely. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions.

Water, pigments, emulsifiers, perservatives.

Absorbed or built-up, stiff when dry.

1. Apply detergent solution, blot.
2. Apply ammonia solution, blot.
3. Rinse with water, blot until dry.
4. Apply POG, blot.
5. Apply drycleaning solvent, blot.