Candles are a great way to set a mood, create a warming atmosphere, or make any room smell nice. Just as long-lasting scents leave behind a wonderful aroma, candle wax on your carpet can create long-lasting buildup and stains. Daily living and accidents alike can create stains that are tough to remove. But don’t worry, we want to help! Here’s a guide on how to remove candle wax stains.

How to Remove Candle Wax Stains and Scents

Candle wax can be especially difficult to remove and can often leave a lingering scent. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions.

Petroleum, animal fats & oils, vegetable fats & oils, basic dyes.

Colors vary, stiff and built up.

1. Scrape off as much as possible with a spatula or dull knife.
2. Apply dry cleaning solvent.
3. Apply POG, blot.
4. Apply dry cleaning solvent.