Jam and Jelly Stain Removal

Jam and jelly stains are the worst. From placing atop of your favorite bread to filling desserts, jams and jellies can make life just a little bit sweeter. However, when dropped on your carpet, things can get a bit sour. We’re here to help. With a wide range of flavors and colors, any jam or jelly stain can be problematic for your carpet.

Jam and Jelly Stain Removal

Jam and jelly can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if it has any time to sit. Often leaving behind a dark stain and sticky mess. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions. Remember to lift off any excess jam or jelly with a dull knife first! This will allow you to treat the jelly stain without grinding any more into the surface.

Pulp of fruit, sugar, tannin preservatives

Reddish or bluish, absorbed and built-up

1. Lift excess off the surface with a dull knife.
2. Apply detergent solution, blot.
3. Apply vinegar solution, blot.
4. Rinse with water, blot.
5. Apply enzyme detergent, blot.
6. Rinse with water, blot until dry.