Mud Stain Removal

From the paws of our pets to the bottoms of our boots, mud can create a mess throughout your home or office. Mud not only brings in dirt but oils and greases that have seeped into the soil, leaving your floor damaged and spotty. Here are some tips for mud stain removal.

Mud Stain Removal and Odor Removal

Mud stain removal can be troublesome and can often leave a dingy look to your carpet. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions.

Soil with greases & oils, clay, iron.

Greyish, brownish, reddish, or yellowish, absorbed and built-up.

1. Brush or scrape off as much as possible.
2. Apply detegent solution, blot.
3. Apply ammonia solution, blot.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.
5. If stain remains apply POG & dry cleaning solvent alternately, blot until dry.