Food coloring is meant to make the food you eat more vibrant and colorful. Unfortunately, it also has the same effect on your carpet if spilled. Accidents with food coloring are very common around the holidays and other events. We want to make food coloring stain removal as easy as possible so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

Food Coloring Stain Removal

Food coloring or food dye can be especially difficult to remove and can often leave your carpet looking splotchy. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions.

Coloring matter, propylene glycol.

Absorbed, irregular edge.

1. Apply detergent solution, blotting frequently. A dried stain will probably spread when wet.
2. Repeat step 1 until the color is no longer transferred to the towel.
3. Apply ammonia solution, blot.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.