Crayons make the world more colorful. Used for a number of art projects, coloring, or melting down into gifts, crayons can leave your carpet a bit more colorful than you want it to be. No need to worry we have a guide on how to remove crayon stains from your carpet.

How to Remove Crayon Stains

Crayons can be especially difficult to remove and can often leave lingering dyes. To get the best results possible, follow our step-by-step process below and use our Spotting Solutions.

Wax, grease, pigment, coloring matter.

Built-up, sometimes shiny.

1. Apply drycleaning solvent.
2. Apply POG, blot.
3. Apply drycleaning solvent, blot.
4. Apply detergent solution, blot.
5. Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.